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Why Us?

Calligo’s focus has always been to deliver excellence in customer experience in Cloud computing and our next generation platform and supporting services enable our clients to leverage the advantages of combining innovative technologies, unrivalled expertise and a commitment to standards based compliance and security.

Our comprehensive unified Data Protection centric approach, which integrates GDPR and other internationally recognised regulations at its core, enables our clients to securely accelerate their Cloud adoption whilst ensuring this is achieved within an eco-system of features delivering the governance demanded by organisations today.

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Data Privacy by Design

Protecting client data to meet global regulations and laws, including GDPR, featuring advanced 256 bit encryption underpinned by industry recognised security certifications, processes and standards.

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Application Performance Guarantees

KPI based contractual guarantees ensure enterprise systems deliver the performance that's required, without cost penalties.

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Service Excellence

Global services delivered locally; providing a global cloud service with a high touch service delivery and managed service offerings.

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Your Cloud

Aligning and configuring the cloud to your business and operational requirements including SLA and contractual terms. Creating an agile environment allowing change & flexibility.

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EU General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR represents the biggest regulatory change in how you can process and store personal data since the inception of the internet, it’s reach is global and enforcement begins on 25th May 2018. GDPR compliance brings a level of rigour and control that is currently beyond many organisations, but we have been at the forefront of its adoption. We have always believed in obtaining the highest accreditations that we can as this ensures we are constantly challenging ourselves, therefore we have added the ISO 17024 accredited EU GDPR F and EU GDPR P qualifications to our existing ISO27001, 9001, SOC 2/1 accreditations.

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Multi Region & Geographical Coverage

Calligo operates in multiple regions and jurisdictions, designed to meet the diverse requirements of our clients. We have locations in the UK, Channel Islands (Jersey and Guernsey), Canada, Bermuda, Cayman, Switzerland and Singapore, all operated to the same exacting standards and operational excellence.

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Ransomware Rapid Response

Malicious Ransomware attacks increased significantly in 2016 and most predict this trend will continue in 2017, whilst some threats have become more sophisticated the hard facts are that most are caused by a lack of operational rigour, leaving many organisations exposed. Calligo offer our clients the combination of advanced technologies, well-practised procedures and the deep skills to help minimise an organisations exposure to vulnerabilities.

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Cloud is often lauded as the bedrock of agility, with the inherent scalability and flexibility the model provides, however increasingly companies are beginning to realise that true agility is being able to respond not only rapidly but also at the speed that does not compromise the corporate risk appetite, at Calligo we have built our Cloud to feature “Policy Based” engines that are tuned to match the operational considerations of each client, by doing this we enable accelerated response to business demands but in a way that is aligned to corporate governance and procedures.

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Organisations are constantly being challenged to provide ever greater mobility of access to centralised systems or information and Cloud is an enabling technology to achieving this, however this needs to be balanced against the needs to ensure access is secure, Calligo offers a range of mobility solutions designed with data privacy and protection at their core but with the flexibility to enable the anywhere access demand.

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24x7 Support Services

All our solutions are underpinned by our 24x7 Support Services, providing our clients with the reassurance that expert technical and operational support is always available.

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Viaje is a cloud management system designed and developed by Calligo. Its unique, portal based, four step methodology guides clients through the transformation process from strategy, design, migration to on-going management.

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