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Why might my remote access be underperforming? 

If your remote access / VPN is slow or your connection is sporadic, please run through this checklist of common problems that often impact VPN performance at home. These may assist you in diagnosing the problem. 

Remember, home internet connections are not always as resilient or as performant as those used in your organizations’ premises but following some of these steps below may help you receive the best possible experience your home working environment has to offer. 

If these recommendations do not solve the issue, please contact Calligo via the remote access / VPN ticket form on this page so we can investigate. 

How are you connecting to the internet? 

This is the most common way in which a VPN experience can be affected. Many home users rely on WiFi connections, though these are often unstable. They are ideal for browsing the web and similar home use, but not always suitable for providing a consistently strong connection to the internet and your cloud environment 

What to do: Where possible use a cabled connection. If you have to use WiFi, then make sure your device is as close as possible to the modem or source of connection. 

How stable is your home connection? 

Home connections can sometimes suffer delays in data transfer – known as latency  or drops in the connection altogether, which will impact the experience.  

What to do: If you know how to, run ping test to a website like www. If you see drastically different or high responses (shown by time=10ms and the end of the response lines), then you may have an issue with your internet connection.

If you don’t know how to do this, simply follow the other advice on this page. If you are still having issues contact the dedicated Remote Access / VPN support team via the form below. 

Are you using RDP? 

If you are using a remote desktop connection and you are seeing performance issues, this could be caused by your internet speed. Even though you may have a normally quick connection, increased home use may be causing you to have variable performance.  

What to do: You can try to improve this by lowering the connection speed your RDP connection is using. Below shows where to make that change.  


When are you trying to use the VPN? 

The time of day or the day of the week when you are using the VPN can have an adverse effect on VPN performance. Your company may perform automated data backups and scheduled essential maintenance of your IT environment (e.g. security patches) at certain times or on certain days. Using the VPN out of hours or at the weekend, when these are most likely to be occurring, may have a direct effect on speed or experience.  

What to do: Ask your management team when regular maintenance and backups may be occurring and consider avoiding those times, or limiting the number of colleagues who may be trying to use the VPN at the same time. 


If these recommendations do not solve the issue, please contact Calligo through the remote access / VPN ticket form on this page so we can investigate.