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Viaje is a cloud management system designed and developed by Calligo. Its unique portal based four step methodology guides clients through the transformation process from strategy, design, migration and on-going management.

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Data Gathering & Analysis

CloudAnalyser is a web portal based service that takes a client through the process of collecting the data required to successfully transform an organisation to the cloud.


Following the data collection process, CloudAnalyser produces a strategy document for use in business case development and defines the client's cloud roadmap.

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Planning & Design

Calligo has taken its many years of cloud architecting and placed it into a web portal based workflow giving clients a step by step visibility into the design planning of their cloud solution.

Building & Testing

Through automation the Viaje CloudBuilder module creates the client's virtual datacentre(s) including all the necessary resource allocations.

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Migration & Implementation

Calligo are creating an automated on-boarding portal with a client and administration interface where clients can view the progress on a server by server / application by application basis.

Calligo will use the administration interface to manage the process. This unique approach creates true visibility and streamlines this complicated phase.

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Continuous Management

The CloudCentre area of the Viaje system is a multi tenanted cloud infrastructure management solution.

A web based interface to manage your tickets, the organisations services and billing information, as well as the virtual machine, edge and virtual datacentre resource management. CloudCentre is the central point of management for an organisations cloud portfolio including access and management of 3rd party cloud services.

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