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Security Services

One of the common obstacles to the adoption of Cloud computing is the perceived increased security risk that it brings. However, much of this concern is based on emotive reaction, more related to physical ownership and proximity than genuine quantifiable rationale.

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Continuously Improved

Calligo adopts the approach of continuous improvement and development regarding security as it is not a static state of affairs, threats are constantly evolving and therefore is a dynamic challenge, one that needs to be met on multiple fronts, both at the technological level but equally on the procedural discipline required to maintain vigilance.

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Multi-point Solutions

We combine leading solutions in a multi-vendor approach to ensure that we are not reliant on single point solutions and these technologies are focussed on the various layers of the infrastructure stack. These technologies are then integrated into our multi-level alerting platforms to ensure that we have the visibility of the entire threat landscape and our security teams are practised in incident response. The ability to react in a calm and rehearsed manner cannot be underestimated when dealing with security incidents, where clear thinking and rapid response are critical characteristics for effective threat management.

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Highly Compliant

When considering the aspect of security in a Cloud context in many cases it can be considered more secure than self-owned and operated infrastructures as it is at the forefront of our considerations as a provider and we are constantly challenging ourselves and seeking the highest accreditations or certifications to demonstrate our dedication and proficiency in this area.

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