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On-Boarding Services

Based on an award winning set of processes that are controlled through Calligo’s quality standards and externally audited, we deliver an unrivalled service. Whether you plan to use Infrastructure or Software as a Service or a combination of both, CloudBuilder has been specifically designed to help mid tier organisations transform their IT Services.

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Unrivalled knowledge, experience and expertise in the design of cloud based infrastructure and services.

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Private, Public and Hybrid cloud designs implemented through an ISO controlled process.

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Designs and implementations across multiple services providers, delivering a true cloud service.

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Designing the Target Platforms

Clients start from different positions that may include a need to preserve an investment in hardware and software, regulatory requirements that restrict options or other constraints.

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Designing New Operational Framework

This process looks at aligning an organisations current structure to that of a cloud orientated one, including redesigning roles, developing new costing models and creating a self service portal.

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This is the activity of moving from physical to virtual or virtual to virtual, undertaking acceptance testing, going live on the new services and decommissioning the old.

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Establishing a Baseline

This includes establishing a detailed understanding of the current technical environment, cataloguing the applications that are in use including SLAs and measuring the performance of the existing environments.

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