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Microsoft Azure Stack

The extension of Azure allows you to modernize your applications across hybrid cloud environments, balancing flexibility and control. Plus, developers can build applications using a consistent set of Azure services and DevOps processes and tools, then collaborate with operations to deploy to the location that best meets your business, technical, and regulatory requirements. Pre-built solutions from the Azure Marketplace, including open source tools and technologies, allow developers to speed up new cloud application development.

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Take Control

Adopt the cloud on your terms, choosing the hybrid deployment that works best for you.

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Stay Familiar

Use common processes and tools across Azure and Azure Stack.

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Faster Development

Speed new cloud application development with open-source and community-driven components.

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Adopt Consistent Application Development

Maximize productivity by empowering developers to build and deploy applications the same way whether apps run on Azure or Azure Stack. Just like Azure, Azure Stack supports a broad range of development tools and open source application platforms, languages, and frameworks including Java, Python, Node.js, and PHP. Developers can:

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    Use the same application model, self-service portal, and APIs enabled by Azure Resource Manager

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    Adopt common DevOps processes and tools across Azure and Azure Stack

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    Choose from multiple Linux distributions, Docker-integrated containers, and Apache Mesos implementations

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The Best of Both Worlds

Achieve maximum flexibility and efficiency by combining Microsoft Azure Stack with Calligo’s CloudCore Infrastructure as a Service offering. Leveraging both solutions unlocks a range of benefits:

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    Applications and Services running on Calligo’s Azure Stack co-exist in the same data centres as our other services, reducing latency to LAN based speeds.

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    CloudCore’s inherent flexibility and underlying efficiency enables businesses to host workloads not traditionally run on Azure locally alongside Azure applications.

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    One provider for both application and infrastructure services simplifies things considerably and allows us to offer better response and delivery times than is typically available.

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