VOIP Services

Increase productivity, mobility and collaboration while reducing your costs and improving your scalability.

  • Make and receive calls anywhere with an internet connection
  • All calls are secure and encrypted
  • Lower costs than traditional telephone lines
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Increased team productivity

VOIP technology brings more capabilities to your workforce. Not only are they more flexible and mobile by being able to make the same low cost calls anywhere with an internet connection, but VOIP also brings more collaboration tools. Voice call from email, easier virtual meetings, voicemail by email delivery, and simple integration with additional productivity apps such as email, browsers and instant messaging.

Customizable to your business needs

VOIP from Calligo can be delivered either through cloud PBX or SIP trunks depending on your infrastructure and business needs.

Lower costs

VOIP from Calligo – whether hosted or SIP-based – reduces your voice costs compared to traditional telephony, while its versatility removes the need to work with multiple service providers for office, mobile and data services.

Ease of deployment and management

VOIP from Calligo is quick to install, scalable and easily provisioned. It can also be reinforced by as much as 24×7 support, according to your needs.

Resilient and secure

Hosted VOIP from Calligo easily handles concurrency, fast failover and outage proofing, while all communications are encrypted.

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