Collaboration & File-Sharing Platform - CloudDrive

Make your data available to your teams on any device, anytime and anywhere – while protecting your adherence to data privacy regulations and controls.

  • Secure file sync and share platform
  • Data residency guarantees
  • Global file policy engine to support data privacy adherence
  • Personal identification information search to support GDPR management
Platform as a service

File Sync & Share

CloudDrive will automatically sync your data across multiple devices, allowing you to share content immediately with your team, and collaborate on the latest versions of project files.

CloudDrive is compatible with PC, Mac, iOS & Android devices and virtually all file types are supported.


CloudDrive allows you to securely share up-to-date versions of project content within and outside your organization, with full audit trails and administrative controls.

Document access can also be controlled by setting team- or individual-based permissions

Data Privacy Support

Data residency is a core part of many data privacy regulations, or internal policies. CloudDrive comes with guarantees that your data will only be stored in Calligo’s selection of jurisdiction-specific data centres.

CloudDrive also specifically supports your GDPR adherence. CloudDrive features a built-in Personal Data search function that identifies any data subject to GDPR protection within it. Plus, a global file policy engine that can be laid over the top of CloudDrive and any integrated third party cloud storage, protecting your business from non-compliant data transfer or leakage.

Data privacy
Calligo cloud security


CloudDrive is secured with robust permissions and data-sharing controls, and comes complete with built-in encryption and antivirus software, making it a perfect solution for the SME or enterprise.

Calligo’s datacentres, in which CloudDrive data is held, are also regularly reviewed by our Information Security team to ensure they conform to our ISO 27001, PCI and SOC standards.

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