Desktop as a Service - CloudDesk

Provide your users with full and secure access to their data, applications and the company network anywhere and at any time.

  • Agile and flexible
  • Always available
  • Cost efficient
Desktop as a service

Make your data available to your company, wherever they may need it, maximising its value to your business

flexible cloud

Inherently flexible and scalable

  • On demand service
  • Scales up or down according to your business’ needs
  • Multiple connectivity options

Highly efficient and reduces costs

  • Requires minimal hardware power
  • Extends lifecycle of your device investments
  • Enables Bring Your Own device (BYOD)
  • Simple and flexible payment scheme
cloud money pot
Calligo cloud security

Fully secure

  • Accessed via the internet or private circuits
  • Desktop connection provides full session encryption
  • Transmitted data is fully protected
  • Secure VPN access available
  • Multi-layered security platform at every level of the service

High performance

  • Runs on the same infrastructure as the market-leading CloudCore
  • Built on 100% SSD and Tier 3 or 4 datacentres
  • Most applications will run faster on CloudDesk than on standard desktops
Cloud assurance and performance

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