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With a highly resilient design it is able to provide services to organisations of all sizes, including our VPS hosting which is perfect for business and e-commerce websites, or any website that requires more server resources than shared hosting can provide. Add to this the ability to deliver a full domain name service, CloudWeb is able to deliver a fully managed Internet hosting and domain name service.

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Web Hosting

CloudWeb offers customers a hassle free and cost effective website hosting service through a multi-tenanted service offering.

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VPS Solutions

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting solutions are perfect for organisations that need the customisability and scalability of a fully dedicated service.

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Domain Management

In combination with the CloudWeb DNS services, Calligo are able to offer a fully managed domain management service.

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DNS Services

Our unique offering spans our global network of cloud platforms, creating geographically diverse disaster recovery solutions through our CloudShield service.

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Web Services

  • 24/7 Support Team
  • Public or Hybrid Cloud Services
  • Guaranteed Performance
  • Industry Leading Service Level Agreements
  • Global Federated Cloud Platforms
  • Global Locations
  • 100% 256 bit Data Encryption