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For all organisations, data protection is of paramount importance. With CloudShield we offer our clients an unrivalled level of disaster recovery, through a tailored process it creates a solution to match each client’s specific requirements yet at a highly efficient cost.

CloudShield Datasheet
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Disaster Recovery

Our cloud technology provides the highest levels of resilience and disaster recovery for any organisation.

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Cost Efficiency

CloudShield offers businesses of any size a level of security at a price point that is usually limited to large enterprises, all through our sophisticated cloud services.

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With a choice of replication destinations from in jurisdiction to cross jurisdiction, CloudShield offers a level of flexibility previously unavailable to midmarket businesses.

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Deployable via Various Models

CloudShield is underpinned by our CloudCore offering and can therefore be deployed via various models including:

  • Private Cloud (On Premise)
  • Public Cloud (Off Premise)
  • Hybrid Cloud (On or Off Premise)
  • Cross location via one of Calligo's globally located platforms