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Cloud Communication

CloudNet is simple to deploy and simple to use. It solves problems that may have previously caused delays in cloud adoption and allows organisations to virtualise their networks and link to multiple cloud providers. At Calligo, we are uniquely positioned and experienced in supporting transformation towards service driven IT.

The CloudNet solution addresses many of the most pressing problems in data centres, such as, virtual machine mobility and network L2 adjacency across subnets, multi-tenant network isolation and physical to virtual migration.

With its programmable L2 service model spanning Calligo’s and our customer’s data centres, CloudNet enables seamless data bursts and workload migration into the cloud. These capabilities are delivered without additional hardware across L3 infrastructure and with a superior operational model.


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Network Virtualisation

CloudNet is a leading cloud service that allows organisations to truly virtualise their networks, allowing you to link the sites across your infrastructure with either one or multiple cloud providers very quickly and simply.

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Operational Efficiency

CloudNet helps to reduce your costs through making your operations more efficient and reducing on-going expenditure.

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Portability and Connectivity

CloudNet can integrate simply with any Cloud Management System including OpenStack and VMware based offerings, making it simple to leverage the growing stream of innovation coming from the cloud service providers.

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CloudNet reduces the time it takes to provision custom, multi-tier network topologies and enterprise class security services from weeks to seconds.

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Reductions in both OPEX and CAPEX automation eliminates manual configuration from the network provisioning process and simplifies network hardware requirements.

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The CloudNet platform operates on any hypervisor, any network hardware and integrates with any cloud management platform.

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CloudNet delivers the latest and most effective model for network security. Security profiles are distributed to and enforced by virtual ports and move with virtual machines ensuring compliance.

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