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Infrastructure as a Service

Calligo has created a set of infrastructure offerings that we operate and manage on behalf of our clients; by packaging these services with focused managed services we are able to deliver a full IT service for each customer which is tailored to their requirements.

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Infrastructure Services

CloudCore is globally located in multiple jurisdictions providing one of the world’s leading infrastructure service offerings. It can be implemented in various configurations via a guaranteed or un-guaranteed resource model, pan jurisdiction for increased resilience, whilst maintaining data privacy and protection.

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Backup as a Service

All organisations, companies and industries have different applications, regulations and requirements, particularly when it comes to the backup, retention, archiving and most importantly the recovery of data. Our engineers work with all our customers to identify and configure the backup and retention of all business critical applications. This ensures that not only are our customers protected, but also that data legislation, regulation and recovery criteria are met.

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Desktop as a Service

CloudDesk is designed to allow users to have access to all of their data, applications and their company’s network, no matter their location. It’s accessible from the office, during business trips or when working from home. Our solution can place a whole corporate organisation’s infrastructure into the cloud, allowing users to easily share data and core business applications.

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File Syncing & Sharing

CloudDrive allows you to view your files anywhere, at any time, with an internet connection. It seamlessly synchronises across multiple devices, enabling you to share and collaborate on documents with peers across your organisation. Our easy to use service allows any user to comment on a file, view its version history and even retrieve previously deleted files, improving productivity and efficiency. With our 256 bit encryption technology you are guaranteed that your data is kept secure. With granular access controls, users can easily manage access rights to files and folders across teams or individuals, all with Calligo’s assurance that your data is secured in our offshore locations.

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Cloud Communication

CloudNet is simple to deploy and simple to use. It solves problems that may have previously caused delays in cloud adoption and allows organisations to virtualise their networks and link to multiple cloud providers. At Calligo, we are uniquely positioned and experienced in supporting transformation towards service driven IT.

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Disaster Recovery

For all organisations, data protection is of paramount importance. With CloudShield we offer our clients an unrivalled level of disaster recovery, through a tailored process it creates a solution to match each client’s specific requirements yet at a highly efficient cost.

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Email Services

CloudMail is a feature rich email service based on MS Exchange, hosted on Calligo’s cloud platform it provides all of the features traditionally found in an enterprise class email, calendar and collaboration system. Designed to seamlessly support office and mobile workers you can use your preferred browser, your tablet, smartphone or Microsoft Outlook.

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Hosting Services

With a highly resilient design it is able to provide services to organisations of all sizes, including our VPS hosting which is perfect for business and e-commerce websites, or any website that requires more server resources than shared hosting can provide. Add to this the ability to deliver a full domain name service, CloudWeb is able to deliver a fully managed Internet hosting and domain name service.

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