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GDPR as a Service

GDPR represents the biggest regulatory change in how you can process and store personal data since the inception of the internet. It’s reach is global and enforcement begins on 25th May 2018. GDPR’s scope is significant, as it covers companies and organisations that utilise or store personal information of European citizens globally and natural persons in the EU or companies operating in the EU. Therefore, its remit includes most organisations anywhere in the world.

GDPR Interview Series
A unique collection of interviews with expert commentators.

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MyGDPR is a free online app designed to give your organisation a first contextual guideline of how GDPR could affect how you currently operate. Designed to be completed in less than two minutes, MyGDPR maps out how your organisation operates. MyGDPR provides a ten page report on areas that you need to be aware of based on your input. MyGDPR can’t solve your GDPR compliance in such a short time frame but it is able to give you some valuable insight to commence your GDPR compliance journey.

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GDPR Jumpstart

GDPR Jumpstart is a service designed to steer organisations through the requirements of the GDPR to enable them to rapidly mobilise for compliance. It covers three critical areas of people, process and technology, highlighting existing risks as well as providing a remedial plan and an ongoing strategy to remain compliant.

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GDPR Enablement

Using the GDPR Jumpstart output as your baseline GDPR compliance status, our GDPR accredited Consultants will work with you to build your plan for adherence to the new regulation.

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GDPR Cloud

Calligo have built our Cloud solutions with Data Privacy at its core, and have developed operational frameworks to assist in the ongoing burden of balancing operational velocity with the rigour of compliance, including GDPR.

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Data Protection Officer (DPO) as Service

Calligo have a dedicated GDPR team who have the skills and experience in all of these areas and combine to provide a comprehensive Data Protection Officer as a Service to ensure you can effectively monitor your ongoing compliance and efficiently deal with GDPR requests.

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EU Representative

Calligo operate in multiple jurisdictions, including the EU and are able to operate as the appointed GDPR representative for companies outside the EU to meet their obligations under the regulation.

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