Data Protection Officer as a Service (DPOaaS)

If your business is mandated to have a Data Protection Officer, outsource to our data privacy consultants who will monitor your compliance, conduct audits and represent your organisation to data subjects and regulators.

  • Highly skilled consultancy service
  • Experienced in multiple regulatory frameworks
  • Sidesteps the need to hire or internally appoint
  • Balances business objectives and data value with regulatory compliance
data protection officer as a service

Rare but essential expertise

Under certain conditions, such as in public sector under GDPR or those governed by HIPAA in the US, some organisations require a Data Protection Officer by law. Even organisations who do not technically require DPOs are also seeking out suitable personnel in order to ensure internal scrutiny of their processes and the application of best practice.

But finding such resource is proving difficult. Cost-efficient and qualified external hires are hard to find, while internal appointments are often complicated by a lack of expertise or a conflict of interest.

Calligo staff giving expertise on cloud solutions

Qualified subject matter experts

Our team of dedicated data privacy consultants steer organisations through their national, international or industry-specific data privacy obligations and help rapidly mobilise for compliance. The service covers all three critical areas of people, process and technology, highlighting existing risks as well as providing a remedial plan and an ongoing strategy to remain compliant.

Your team will also represent your organisation to data subjects and the appropriate Supervising Authorities, and also provide constant reporting on your current compliance status.

Broad expertise

  • Can support your organisation across multiple regulatory frameworks
  • Equipped with rare combination of skills in technology, legislation and change management

Part of your team

  • Able to authoritatively communicate with the highest levels of management to ensure corporate governance
  • Will represent your organisation to data subjects and supervising authorities
  • Will handle inbound data requests  


  • Dashboard-based reporting for rapid oversight of current adherence
  • Policy-based risk management software to self-regulate operations

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