Database Record Erasure

Ensure that you are able to remove personal records and all their copies from all your databases as soon as your right to hold them expires

  • Simple, quick and easy
  • Intelligently seeks out relevant records across your entire network
  • Full assurance that all copies of personal records are removed
data erasure
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How confident are you that you can remove personal data from your entire system?

An area of data privacy that is too often forgotten is that of data erasure. This may be triggered by data no longer being legitimately allowed to be held, or a data subject’s request that their data is removed from your systems.

This is not only a question of acting appropriately fast, but also thoroughly. For many organisations, unsubscribe options and marketing preference portals are the fullest extent of their capabilities.

But this is not thorough enough. It addresses neither the data legitimacy to be held, nor a data subject’s true wishes to be forgotten, and nor is it technically compliant with data privacy legislation. Mechanisms that prevent the business from using the data are not the same as entire, organisation-wide removal of a data subject’s records when legitimately requested.

Complete assurance

Calligo provides a unique database deletion tool that allows organisations to fulfil these requests with absolute confidence that no records remain within any of their database systems.


On receipt of a data removal request or a notification that a record’s legitimacy has expired, the tool uses a data map, created bespoke for each organisation, to seek out the data record and all its copies.


When found, the data is then deleted or rendered no longer identifiable, fulfilling the data regulations or subject’s request and giving the organisation complete assurance of its legislative compliance.


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