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The Data Privacy Periodic Table

  • A quick and digestible guide to the key “elements” of the data privacy world
  • An open project, contributed to by the entire privacy community and regularly updated by our Data Privacy Services team
  • The first and only initiative of its type in the industry
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calligo's periodic table of data privacy

How the Data Privacy Periodic Table works

This project is designed to make the cloudy and complicated world of Data Privacy easier to understand. The first step of that is to decipher the language and technical terminology.

Therefore, just as with the real periodic table, we have ordered the “elements of data privacy” into suitable categories according to their traits. We also regularly update it as the data privacy landscape changes and new elements come to light.

Our table’s categories mimic the characteristics of the original scientific version’s categories. For example, the far right of the original periodic table is reserved for the “noble gases” – stable, inert and neutral. This seemed an ideal match for the independent legislative or regulatory bodies.

Similarly, the column on the far left usually dedicated to the alkali metals, with their characteristic volatility, was a fitting location for the universal rights of the data subject. If meddled with, both are likely to cause an explosion!

Discover for yourself all of the elements that compose the table by submitting the form below!

calligo's periodic table of data privacy

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