International Data Privacy Day (aka Data Protection Day) - 28th January 2019

Welcome to our International Data Privacy Day 2019 resources page!
(or Data Protection Day in Europe)

In recent years, data privacy has reached international importance for consumers and business alike, leading to the creation of a host of national and international privacy initiatives and legislation.

But with so much activity in such a short space of time, confusion is inevitable.

To help, we have collected together a wide variety of resources that can guide you and your business through the theory and execution of privacy legislation, including a special update of our renowned Data Privacy Periodic Table.

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GDPR alignment using EU stars

What is Data Protection Day / Data Privacy Day?

In 2006, the Council of Europe launched Data Protection Day to raise worldwide awareness of the importance of data protection and privacy, and to highlight best practices. It is currently recognised in 50 countries: the United States, Canada, India and the 47 members of the Council of Europe, including the UK.

As the day’s significance grew, it became known as Data Privacy Day, especially beyond Europe.

28 January was chosen as the annual day of celebration as it was on this day in 1981 when the Council of Europe’s data protection “Convention 108” was opened to signature. Convention 108 was the first binding law anywhere in the world that protected citizens against personal data abuses.

To mark the day, many government agencies, universities, industry bodies and commentators announce new collaborations and initiatives and release new guidance on best practice.

These resources are our contribution.

The Data Privacy Periodic Table

Specially for International Data Privacy Day 2019, we have updated our industry-renowned Data Privacy Periodic Table.

Designed to help clarify the confusing world of data privacy, this unique project arranges the key “elements” of data privacy into categories and themes, providing insight into their relative importance and inter-dependence.

This is a “live” project, as we proactively canvass the views of the privacy industry in order to regularly update it according to how the privacy world has recently changed.

Click below to see the latest version and read more about its construction

calligo's periodic table of data privacy
tales from the gdpr frontline ebook

Tales from the GDPR Frontline

Data Protection Day, despite being a European-born project, is not all about raising awareness of GDPR. It aims to raise awareness of privacy and privacy legislation in a global context.

That said, GDPR is fast becoming the template for all new privacy laws because of its recency and comprehensiveness.

But its application is not simple. It is a complex regulation that can easily be misunderstood and misapplied.

To help businesses like yours, our Privacy team has compiled 15 of the most common mistakes and misperceptions of GDPR from real life client engagements that can help guide your own GDPR projects – and even wider privacy strategies.

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Keep up to date with our Data Privacy News blog series

The way in which data privacy law evolves and is used in practice can have a massive impact on your business.

And yet, keeping up to date with new legislation, the various national regulators’ interpretations of the law, and the implications of key cases is incredibly difficult.

Our series of Data Privacy News blogs are designed to highlight and simplify the key movements in data privacy, and to provide clear insights into what they mean for businesses.

Have our look at our library of previous posts below.

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Cloud not secure

Microsoft Azure & Data Privacy

Technology and the manner in which personal data is stored is a key aspect of data privacy and protection.

In particular, cloud computing introduces tough questions of data residency, sovereignty and access.

One such industry dilemma is the popularity and usefulness of Microsoft Azure public cloud versus its difficulties in supporting data privacy laws that require data to be held in certain jurisdictions.

The implications of this range from non-conformance with data privacy regulations, to risking potential government access to your business’ data.

This ebook investigates the exact data privacy problems of Azure public cloud, and also presents an easy solution.

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How Calligo can support your Data Privacy

As Data Protection Day aims to highlight, data privacy is vitally important for all businesses, whether local or global. But it is also highly complex.

Calligo is here to help.

Our Data Privacy Services instil best practice into the core of your business, your IT infrastructure and all relevant processes. Whether your business is answerable to international, national or industry-specific obligations, our Privacy team will ensure your ongoing observance – even where your organisation spans multiple jurisdictions.

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