Data Privacy Services

Calligo’s services instil data privacy into the core of your IT infrastructure and wider processes. Whether your business is answerable to international, national or industry-specific obligations, our services will ensure your ongoing observance – even where your organisation spans multiple jurisdictions.

data privacy regulations

Data Privacy Regulation Services

Let us navigate your business through all the international, national and industry specific data privacy regulatory frameworks that apply to your business

GDPR services

GDPR Services & EU Representatives

Let us steer your organisation through one of the widest-reaching data privacy regulatory frameworks

data protection officer as a service

Data Protection Officer as a Service (DPOaaS)

If your business is mandated to have a Data Protection Officer, we provide outsourced expertise, regular audits and ongoing adherence services

privacy by design

Privacy by Design Consultancy

Our highly experienced consultants will ensure that your IT project’s ambition does not overtake your data privacy obligations

record erasure

Database Record Erasure

Ensure that you are able to remove personal records and all copies from all your databases as soon as your right to retain expires.

archival and purging

Data Archival and Purging

Take advantage of the optimization opportunities of archiving your data, while still meeting your regulatory obligations