Data Analytics Privacy Architects

Uncover the hidden value of your data, while making sure your data privacy obligations are constantly met

  • Avoid inadvertent discrimination or violation of data subjects’ rights
  • Team of consultants with equal expertise in data privacy, data analytics and application deployment
  • Guidance on your data analytics project from scoping, through design, deployment and ongoing use
Data Privacy Architects
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Data analytics’ threat to privacy

Many organisations are understandably eager to capitalise on data analytics and artificial intelligence in order to seize competitive advantage. What few realise is that the use of data analytics and artificial intelligence presents new data privacy threats.

Data privacy in data analytics comes in three parts – the data that is used, the way it is analysed and the use of the output.

  • Do you have incontestably legal rights to hold and process the data you are about to analyse?
  • Is there any danger that the analysis you are going to undertake will contravene any data subject’s rights, whether through data sovereignty, consent or intelligent reversal of anonymization?
  • Can you be certain that the output of the analysis will not be in any way discriminatory, prejudicial or in breach of any data’ subject’s rights – inadvertently or otherwise?

Any data analytics project that relies on personal data runs the risk of breaching at least one of these areas.

‘Privacy by Design’ data analytics

Our Data Analytics Privacy Architects have the necessary mix of expertise in analytics, privacy legislation and application deployment (cloud, on-premises, hybrid) to ensure that your data analysis project is both ‘Privacy by Design’ and high performance.

They will guide your project so that it simultaneously protects your strategic objectives, legal obligations and data subjects, while giving you exactly the insights you need to identify and act upon opportunities.

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