Artificial Intelligence Value Discovery

Don’t decide where is best to deploy AI in your business. Discover it.

  • Discover the most impactful, immediate or practical use cases for AI in your specific business

  • Quantify your technical and cultural readiness for AI, and identify shortcomings and remedies

  • Incorporate data ethics into the foundations of your AI project

AI Discovery

The danger of 'deciding' where to use AI

Too often, businesses approach AI in the same way they do analytics. They decide on an inefficiency to fix and then feed the algorithm the necessary data to identify ways to improve.

But this undermines AI’s greatest strengths – it’s flexibility and creativity.

AI is capable of showing you more about your business than you could ever imagine, so why limit its value to you by deciding in advance the exact question it should answer?

Don’t start with a question.
Start by discovering how many can be asked.

Based on your available data and technology, your business’ data culture, governance and ethics, Calligo will show you all the areas where AI can benefit your business, and then help you single out the most impactful use cases.

AI GAP Analysis

How ready is your business to exploit AI? Understanding your capabilities and limitations at the outset helps show where in your business AI can and cannot currently be successfully deployed.

Our team of data scientists, privacy professionals, technologists and strategists will highlight your business’ AI maturity in six key areas:

  • Data-led strategy
  • Information & Data
  • Heritage in analysis
  • Operations
  • Information Architecture
  • Governance & Ethics

AI Alignment

In order to increase how much choice and potential your business has over where to deploy AI, your Calligo team will then work collaboratively with you to remedy any shortcomings identified in the GAP Analysis.

The goal is to make AI as broadly applicable as possible to your business.

Alignment plans are created bespoke and can include areas such as:

  • Information architecture improvements
  • Privacy by Design considerations
  • Incorporating data-based decisions into corporate strategy


We will advise, lead and consult on the various areas of necessary improvement, and manage their overall delivery. We then ensure your Alignment project provides your business with value by updating your original GAP Analysis to clearly identify the areas of improvement.

AI Use Case Discovery

Now that AI’s potential is as broad as possible within your business, your team will identify where to focus in order to find the most valuable gains.

Using a scorecard approach, your team of strategic consultants and technical architects will assess:

  • Your strategic objectives and how they apply to each business function, and where the most urgent challenges exist
  • The benefits to the business of tackling each challenge
  • AI’s suitability for tackling them
  • Data availability

Conducting this analysis off the back of an extensive GAP Analysis and Alignment means that the very best possible use case for AI will be revealed.

AI Business Predictions

Next step: Technology

Once you have identified where is best to focus your AI efforts, Calligo then offers advanced machine learning capabilities without the enterprise-level investment in data science expertise or technology.

Find out more about Calligo’s unique AI as a Service platform below:

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