Azure Stack

Microsoft Azure Stack is an extension of Azure. It is the only way to benefit from the agility and fast-paced innovation of Azure services with a guaranteed local, jurisdiction-specific environment.

The combination of Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack creates the only consistent hybrid cloud on the market, enabling the creation and deployment of modern hybrid applications anywhere.

  • Data and applications deployed identically in both the public cloud and locally
  • Data sovereignty assurances
  • Delivered by a partner experienced in both cloud technology and data privacy
Microsoft azure stack

Microsoft Azure Stack from Calligo

Calligo is a trusted Microsoft partner and has an unequalled combination of in-depth experience in cloud technology and data privacy and residency, making us perfectly positioned to support your Azure Stack deployment.

Calligo staff giving expertise on cloud solutions

Cloud expertise

  • Years of experience in integrating with and managing Azure public cloud
  • One of the first independent cloud service providers in the world to offer Microsoft Azure Stack in partnership with Lenovo
  • One of the largest networks of fully-owned and multi-tenanted Azure Stack deployments on the globe, including Canada, two in Luxembourg (making us the largest provider in the country), and the only Azure Stack deployments in Jersey and Guernsey
  • Full cloud consultancy services, from design to deployment
  • High-performance managed services team

Data privacy experience


Calligo’s public and hybrid cloud offerings were the first in the world to be designed with trust and data privacy at their core.

What this means today is that we are steeped in data privacy and residency experience. In fact, we were the first cloud service provider to offer data residency guarantees. Adding Azure Stack to our portfolio is an extension of that approach.

Expertise and guidance

Our experienced data privacy professional services team will ensure that your Azure Stack deployment and wider business processes are consistent with all regulatory requirements that may apply to you – international, national and industry-specific, and even where your business is multi-jurisdictional.

Data privacy services by Calligo

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