Azure PaaS

A ready-made, enterprise-level cloud platform for any of your applications, delivered by highly experienced Microsoft experts.

  • Remove the burden of maintaining operating systems, software and cloud infrastructure
  • Move your existing applications and services to Azure or create new applications using Azure tools
  • Retain control
  • Flexible and scalable
Platform as a service
Desktop as a service

Focus just on your applications and bring them to market faster

Make the most of Azure services and applications, and leave the rest to us.

By deploying Azure PaaS, you take full advantage of Azure development tools, database management and business analytics platforms, without the complexity or cost of managing software licences, operating systems, underlying infrastructure or middleware.

You focus on application deployment and configuration, while Calligo and Microsoft provide the services and infrastructure required to run them.

Cost efficient

PaaS avoids capex investment in servers, storage and software licences. PaaS also removes the need to upskill or hire internal resource to manage your infrastructure and middleware.

Accurate, automated migration

Calligo assesses the details of your applications and uses intelligent technology to plan a migration ‘as-is’ or even to re-architect them before migrating them effectively, reliably and quickly to the cloud.

Flexible scalability

Workloads scale up and down dependent on your needs, without the complexity of introducing new servers or re-configuring load balancing services.

Advanced, accessible functionality

Azure PaaS makes bot frameworks, AI, machine learning and data lakes available to the mass market in a flexible PAYG model.


Leave hardware and software security – including patching and updates – to the experts. Azure PaaS is supported by Calligo’s fully accredited and layered Cloud Security services

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