Azure IaaS

Microsoft Azure is among the fastest growing and largest hyperscale public cloud platforms in the world. Its powerful compute, networking and storage platform makes it a preferred choice for thousands of businesses worldwide

Calligo’s Azure IaaS service brings you the flexibility, reliability and scale of an enterprise-ready cloud, coupled with the tailoring, transparency and proactive management of our experienced team.

  • Global, hyperscale cloud platform
  • Market-leading flexibility, reliability and scalability
  • Tailored and delivered by our experienced team
microsoft azure as a service
Calligo worker on cloud infrastructure

Microsoft Azure IaaS

Microsoft Azure is ideal for building new cloud-native applications or for migrating previously on-premises data and applications into the cloud. Its scalability, security, integration capabilities and data analytics toolkits make it a hugely popular option for businesses of all sizes.

Azure IaaS from Microsoft, delivered by Calligo

Close working relationship with Microsoft

We are a reliable, experienced Microsoft partner with years of experience and a close relationship with the Microsoft teams. This allows us to simplify your journey into the cloud and ensure that you optimise your data’s value.

Experienced in optimising Azure environments

Calligo can ensure that your migration is as quick and painless as possible, and that your environment is tailored and optimised for your application and data needs. Calligo’s team will also ensure that you benefit from the maximum cost efficiencies possible with Azure.

Data privacy

Use our cloud management platform, Viaje, and its policy-based engine to set criteria for the use, access and protection of data throughout the data journey.

Meanwhile our Privacy Architects will ensure that both your strategic objective and your data subjects’ privacy are addressed in equal measure in your Azure deployment.

Managed hybrid or multi-cloud deployment

Closely integrate your Azure environment with Calligo’s own CloudCore public cloud with data residency guarantees, or create a consistent hybrid environment with Microsoft Azure Stack, also delivered through Calligo.

Accurate, automated migration

Calligo is able to optimise the migration of your applications and workloads through automation. Calligo assesses the details of your applications and uses intelligent technology to plan a migration ‘as-is’ or even to rearchitect them before migrating them effectively, reliably and quickly to the cloud.

Managed and maintained

Calligo’s managed services team, including 24/7 support provision, will proactively manage your environment, ensuring its ongoing security, functionality and optimisation.

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