Azure IaaS vs PaaS

As a recognised and experienced Microsoft partner, Calligo can help businesses take full advantage of Microsoft Azure, whether as an IaaS or PaaS deployment.

But what is the difference between the two? In what circumstances might one approach be preferable to the other? For many organizations, either approach may be entirely viable. But there is often a subtle nuance that makes IaaS or PaaS more likely to deliver the hoped-for cost and productivity gains, and it often takes particular expertise to spot that difference.

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Azure Infrastructure as a Service

Azure IaaS, or Infrastructure as a Service, is the provision of basic networking, load balancing, virtual machines and data storage. It removes the overhead of hardware cost, maintenance and support. IaaS is essentially a blank canvas onto which you can add your own applications and operating system and over which you have full control. You may scale resources up or down as you wish and configure the environment to your own needs.

IaaS also requires you to handle its maintenance and management, including supervising backups and the platform’s ongoing security – or you can delegate this maintenance to trusted and experienced Microsoft Azure partners such as Calligo through our Azure IaaS service

Azure Platform as a Service

Azure PaaS – Platform as a Service – takes IaaS a step further. On top of the infrastructure foundations above, PaaS also includes the provision of operating systems, middleware, development tools, business analytics tools, database management services and others.

In one package, Azure PaaS provides everything that you need to create and manage your own online applications, without having to worry about the virtual machines or data storage as these are handled by Microsoft, while Calligo maintains the operating system(s) and tools. Learn more about Azure PaaS.

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How do I know which is best for my business?

The choice between Azure IaaS and PaaS boils down to your objectives and what capabilities you are trying to deliver to the business.

Azure PaaS shines if your primary goal is to provide a ready-made, supportive environment in which your development team can build and deploy brand new cloud-based applications quickly and easily. In these instances, the Azure PaaS tools will help you streamline the whole process. Azure supports multiple coding languages and supports development across various platforms, including mobile. It also allows for quicker and easier application development projects as pre-built components such as workflow, security features and search tools are built into the platform, as are testing and deployment frameworks.

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PaaS is also ideal for organisations who are keen to start analysing and interrogating their data quickly. Azure PaaS’ business analytics and AI tools are already used by thousands of businesses to discover new patterns and insights in their data and improve forecasting and decision-making.

PaaS may not be suitable for companies that need to migrate existing applications or third-party solutions from on-premise environments. Migration may be possible, but it may take a while depending on complexity and the degree of customisation necessary to make it compatible with Azure PaaS. In this instance, Azure IaaS may be more suitable due to its greater flexibility.

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IaaS is ideally suited for organizations that need a reliable and resilient foundation for testing, developing and deploying their own web applications. Dedicated testing environments can be quickly set up and dismantled as required on IaaS. It also provides all the storage and networking resources required to accommodate their deployment and can be scaled up and down according to demand. Developing an application from scratch in IaaS also makes it easier to migrate in the future.

Azure IaaS is the most economical option for providing the large amounts of processing power necessary for analysing massive data sets.

Azure IaaS or PaaS?

Your business’s needs should be the primary factor in your decision. Before choosing between Azure IaaS or PaaS, consider the existing applications that you wish to migrate (if any), the requirements you are trying to meet and the plans you have for the future.

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