Hybrid Azure

Azure’s hybrid cloud – comprised of public Azure and Azure Stack – is the world’s only truly consistent Hybrid Cloud.

It allows businesses to take full advantage of the scale, cost and power of Microsoft Azure, while retaining sensitive data in a local, jurisdiction-specific environment through Azure Stack.

  • Uniquely natural cohesion between the two environments
  • Shared toolsets, portal, API and application model
  • Scale up non-sensitive computational tasks to meet short-term spikes in demand
  • Retain sensitive data in defined locations, behind your company firewall
  • Deploy applications locally, in the public cloud or identically across both environments as needed
hybrid azure

Azure hybrid cloud from Calligo

A trusted Microsoft Partner, Calligo combines a deep expertise in Azure cloud technology with an unequalled understanding of international data privacy. We are perfectly suited to help businesses meet their business objectives and compliance or policy needs through a carefully designed and deployed Azure hybrid cloud environment.

We provide Azure Stack from our ISO 27001 datacentres in Canada, Luxembourg, Jersey and Guernsey, alongside years of experience in public Azure, plus a dedicated Data Privacy Services team that can guide you in ensuring your new hybrid environment meets your regulatory challenges.

The world’s only truly consistent hybrid cloud

Microsoft Azure Stack is a natural extension of public Azure, which means it brings the same core Azure services into local datacentres. It is uniquely designed to simplify the partitioning of data and workloads across public and local resources by ensuring maximum coherence across the two environments.

For instance, public Azure and Azure Stack share the same data platform, meaning SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and NoSQL workloads can all be migrated from public to Stack and back again without a single code change. Similarly, all Azure DevOps tools, APIs, Active Directory, security tools and cloud management capabilities are all shared across the two environments. This allows you to make deployment decisions based on business needs or compliance requirements, not based on technology limitations.

The consistency of the Azure hybrid environment also simplifies its management – a notorious administrative and financial overhead of any typical hybrid or multi-cloud arrangement.

Maintain trust in data privacy and data residency

Azure Stack allows you to keep sensitive data in a defined, jurisdiction-specific environment, where you can be confident in its location, security and regulatory compliance. Meanwhile, public cloud allowing you to move your non-sensitive data.

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Develop modern apps and deploy seamlessly across hybrid Azure

The consistency between public Azure and Azure Stack allows developers to build and deploy apps in either environment. Apps may be designed in public Azure and deployed locally to ensure regulatory compliance, or built and tested locally before global distribution. Hybrid Azure ensures that regulatory compliance need never curtail innovation.

Benefits of Hybrid Microsoft Azure from Calligo

Close working relationship with Microsoft

We are a reliable, experienced Microsoft partner with years of experience and a close relationship with the Microsoft teams. This allows us to simplify your journey into the cloud and ensure that you optimise your data’s value.

Data Privacy, Residency & Sovereignty

Ensure that all of your requirements over data privacy, residency and sovereignty are all met, while still taking full advantage of the cloud, supported by the knowledge and experience of our Data Privacy Services team.

Uncompromised innovation

Microsoft Azure was designed from the outset to support hybrid environments and is constantly updating its platform features, security and tools in order to improve the hybrid cloud experience.

Widely trusted

95% of the Fortune 500 trust their operations and data security to Microsoft Azure, while Calligo’s infrastructure for Azure Stack is able to offer industry-leading performance guarantees.

Managed and maintained

Your hybrid environment will be supported by our managed services team who are experts in Azure and who will monitor its performance, resilience and optimization, while also being on hand for 24/7 support enquiries.

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