Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Calligo is an experienced Microsoft partner and has a close working relationship with their Azure teams. From strategic concept to practical migration, we have all of the applied expertise necessary to make your transition to Microsoft Azure’s cloud services as smooth as possible.

Working with Calligo also gives you the benefits of 24/7 support from our managed services team and full transparency of your data and environment via our cloud management platform, Viaje.

  • Your Azure-based environment will be specifically designed to help you extract maximum value from your organisation’s data
  • Calligo’s Cloud Strategists and automation tools help to smooth the migration of your data, applications and workloads.
  • Our Privacy Architects ensure a practical balance between your strategic and data privacy objectives.
microsoft azure as a service
Cloud infrastructure server plug-in

What is Azure?

Azure is a suite of cloud services developed by Microsoft. It is the cloud service provider of choice for companies all around the world, ranging from startups to large enterprises. Azure’s easy integration with existing Microsoft services makes the transition to the cloud easier and more cost-effective than it can often be.

In addition, the flexibility of its offering means that businesses only pay for the services that they need in order to fulfil their strategic and operational objectives.

microsoft azure as a service

Microsoft Azure IaaS

Microsoft Azure’s powerful computing, networking and storage platform makes it one of the most popular IaaS solutions in the world. The flexibility, reliability and scalability that it offers make it stand out in the global cloud services marketplace.

Microsoft azure stack

Microsoft Azure Stack

Azure Stack allows businesses to benefit from the innovation and flexibility of Azure services from local, specified datacentre resources, guaranteeing jurisdiction-specific data storage and processing, or access to data in disconnected edge environments.

Platform as a service

Microsoft Azure PaaS

Microsoft Azure PaaS takes away the need to maintain your own operating systems, software and cloud infrastructure. It is a fully operational, enterprise-level cloud platform that allows you to move your existing applications or create new ones.

hybrid azure

Hybrid Microsoft Azure

Combining public Azure with Azure Stack creates the world’s only fully consistent hybrid cloud. Calligo can help you design an environment that guarantees the location and data residency of your business’ sensitive data, while still taking advantage of the enormous compute resources of public Azure.

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