We provide a portfolio of data services that optimise every stage of the data journey, while constantly ensuring adherence to relevant international, national or industry-specific data protection legislation.

IT managed services

Managed Services

Calligo’s Managed Services are fundamentally designed to make your IT more reliable and to provide robust foundations from which to extract maximum value from your data.

Data privacy services by Calligo

Data Privacy Services

Calligo’s services instil international, national and industry-specific data privacy requirements into the core of your IT infrastructure and wider processes.

Calligo data analytics

Data Insights

A portfolio of analytics and artificial intelligence services that help you extract the fullest possible value from your data, underpinned by a ‘privacy by design’ ethos.

Calligo worker on cloud infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Our public & hybrid cloud platforms come with market-leading performance guarantees and were first to be designed with data privacy & sovereignty at their core.