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Calligo offers a wide range of cloud based offerings covering all aspects of infrastructure, applications, communications and complementary on-boarding services all of which are covered by our ISO standards.

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Infrastructure as a Service

Find out how Calligo’s various cloud services can free your organisation from technical complexities and ever rising costs associated with running a modern, secure and flexible IT infrastructure.

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GDPR as a Service

A service designed to steer organisations through the requirements of the GDPR to enable them to rapidly mobilise for compliance. It covers all three critical areas of people, process and technology, highlighting existing risks as well as providing a remedial plan and an ongoing strategy to remain compliant.

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Strategy Services

Specifically designed to take either an initial footprint of virtualisation or a more traditional physical environment, as well as a combination of the two, and show how to achieve new levels of efficiency through adopting a cloud computing strategy.

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Security Services

One of the common obstacles to the adoption of Cloud computing is the perceived increased security risk that it brings. However, much of this concern is based on emotive reaction, more related to physical ownership and proximity than genuine quantifiable rationale.

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Managed Services

For organisations of all sizes, Managed Services offers the most cost effective approach to delivering and maintaining your technology and security needs.

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On-Boarding Services

Calligo’s team of highly skilled cloud architects and engineers have the experience and knowledge to help your organisation through the transformation and migration process.

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