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The Software as a Service industry is growing at an exceptional pace and the underlying cloud infrastructure that delivers these products often evolves and changes as fast as the products themselves.

On top of this, constant change and increasing complexity around data protection and privacy is fast becoming a challenge for SaaS providers looking to sell their services to customers in international markets. Calligo's cloud platform has been designed to meet these challenges, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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An optimised cloud designed to meet the specific needs of your product.

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Data Compliance

Sell your product worldwide whilst meeting all local data protection laws.

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Performance Guarantees

Super fast performance, optimised for cost efficiency and scalability.

Services for SaaS


CloudCore is a leading Infrastructure as a Service offering designed for mid market businesses, ensuring the highest levels of performance and resilience. With globally located datacentres, it can be implemented in various configurations via a guaranteed or un-guaranteed resource model, pan location for increased resilience, whilst maintaining data privacy and protection.


For all organisations, data protection is of paramount importance. With CloudShield we offer our clients a level of disaster recovery, which is unrivalled within the midmarket space.


With a highly resilient design, CloudWeb is able to provide hosting services to organisations of all sizes, including our VPS hosting which is perfect for business and e-commerce websites.

Viaje is a cloud management system designed and developed by Calligo. Its unique, portal based, four step methodology guides clients through the transformation process from strategy, design, migration to on-going management.

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Why Calligo?

Data Compliance

Using our cloud platform ensures your product is compliant with data protection in every jurisdiction, ensuring you never have to worry about data protection legal compliance and allowing you to focus on what you do best.

SaaS Experience‚Äč

We have an in-house software development team that build, launch and maintain a variety of SaaS applications this is backed by our infrastructure team who have many years of experience with SaaS products, so we can form a true partnership and provide much more than just infrastructure.

Client Centric

‚ÄčCalligo is a client led organisation, clients benefit from an "arms around approach" from the start of their cloud journey through to their on-going support and management. This is a "person to person" cloud where our clients and their users are the focal point of the service we deliver.

Cost Effective

Through Calligo's deep experience we have designed and delivered a globally located multi jurisdictional and world leading cloud platform which delivers scale and guaranteed performance at a price most cloud providers struggle to match.