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Calligo & Microsoft Azure Stack Luxembourg Launch

Thank you for registering for our launch event, held on 9th May 2018 at the Grand-Ducal Golf Club.

The day was a great success and we are delighted you were able to join us.

The slides from all of our presenters and digital versions of the collaterals in the gift bags are available as PDFs via the form to the right.

Luxembourg azure launch event graphic

The materials available via the form on the right include:

Overview of Calligo – vision, mission, background and services, along with how we support Luxembourg specifically. Presented by Julian Box, CEO of Calligo, and Jason Petrucci, VP and Managing Director Offshore, Luxembourg and Asia Territories, Calligo
Tales from the GDPR Frontline. Presented by Adam Ryan, Chief Commercial Officer, Calligo
The Cloud Circular and its scope, requirements and implementation. Presented by Luc Maquil, Managing Partner, MAQIT
How cybersecurity supports GDPR, and how it does not. Presented by Galaxkey
Azure Stack overview, and how it assists with data residency and sovereignty. Presented by Bart Roels, Partner Technology Strategist, Microsoft.
Calligo’s Azure Stack ebook, including background to the technology, use cases and how Calligo is an ideal Azure Stack partner

Complete the form below to access the materials