CloudCopy Datasheet

Calligo offers a completely outsourced cloud backup solution. Your data is backed up automatically to one of our data centres where it is stored on mirrored and redundant storage arrays. The backup data is replicated to a second offshore data centre. The entire solution is monitored and supported 24/7/365 by Calligo.

CloudCopy Overview

Organisations across the globe are turning to remote, managed, off-site backups to protect their data, giving peace of mind that if, and when, the worst happens they will not only survive the disaster, but will be back up and running again within a matter of hours.

CloudCopy Standard vs Premium

Calligo provides two versions of CloudCopy. This document compares these two services.

CloudCore Overview

Cloud computing is a paradigm shift in the way business systems will be delivered and this means that many of the skills and disciplines required to correctly plan, design, implement and support such infrastructures are not found within the traditional server based computing teams. Calligo has established an unrivalled reputation built on delivering successful transformations where real strategic benefits have been delivered throughout the entire organisation.

CloudDesk Datasheet

CloudDesk is an innovative new method for delivering desktops to end users. Part of the ‘cloud computing’ concept, a CloudDesk is just like a traditional PC but, instead of being a physical machine in your office, is housed in one of our state-of-the-art data centres. CloudDesk offers numerous advantages in terms of cost savings, security, resilience, flexibility and reduced management.

CloudDesk FAQ

CloudDesk is just like a traditional PC but instead of being a physical machine it is a virtual PC that is hosted in one of Calligo’s offshore data centres. CloudDesk is built using VMware’s Horizon View software which delivers very high performance particularly when coupled with Calligo’s 100% solid state disk systems. CloudDesk can scale from a single user to support for thousands of users.

CloudDrive Datasheet

CloudDrive is a file sync and share solution for the enterprise. Users can access company files on any device, anytime, from anywhere with robust controls over security.

CloudMail Datasheet

CloudMail is a feature rich email service hosted in Calligo’s cloud. It provides all of the features traditionally found in Microsoft’s enterprise class email, calendar and collaboration system.

CloudPolicy Datasheet

CloudPolicy is a consultancy service that is aligned to the requirements of data centric organisations. It is designed to provide the client with a comprehensive strategy report as well as a detailed review of how cloud methodologies and technologies can be applied to best meet the organisation’s business and operational objectives.

CloudShield Datasheet

For all organisations, data protection is of paramount importance. With CloudShield we offer our clients an unrivalled level of disaster recovery, through a tailored process it creates a solution to match each client’s specific requirements yet at a highly efficient cost.

Guide to Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a technique for sharing computing resources and applications in a highly efficient manner. Resources are presented in an easily accessible fashion that allows organisations to improve efficiency and realise more value from the infrastructure. This can be achieved irrespective of the infrastructure’s current implementation, geographic location, or physical packaging. It provides a logical rather than just a physical or virtual view of data, computing power, storage capacity, and other resources.

Managed Services Overview

This document provides details of the managed services that Calligo provide. These have been designed to complement our existing Helpdesk service. They are as suitable for small organisations that have no internal IT staff as they are for large organisations.

Security in the Cloud with CloudDesk

This document summarises Calligo’s security policies and explains how we protect your CloudDesk data and keep it safe. Cloud computing offers numerous advantages over the traditional delivery of IT using inhouse or hosted systems. This document describes the governance, physical, technical standards and systems that Calligo has implemented. Taken as a whole these deliver the highest levels of protection.