Mico Inc is now part of Calligo

On 1st May 2018, Calligo announced the acquisition of Mico Systems Inc.

Calligo is a data optimization and privacy specialist, headquartered in Jersey, UK and with offices in London, Luxembourg, Guernsey, Canada and the United States.

There will be no change to the services that Mico Systems customers receive, nor in the teams they are delivered by.

Mico Systems now operates under the Calligo brand with its pre-existing structure and service offerings, but now with the support of an established, global service provider.

Following this acquisition, Mico Systems customers now have new services available to them.

These will include public & hybrid cloud, data analytics, artificial intelligence and archival & erasure services, all supported by ‘privacy-first’ data management consultancy and specific data privacy regulations assistance, particularly GDPR and PIPEDA support.

For more information about Calligo, click here.

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Specific enquiries:

If you want to log a ticket or contact the Mico team call +1 (905) 842-2994.
To find out more about the services Calligo provides in Canada and around the globe, please click here.
The full details and background to the acquisition are available on our blog, here.