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A list of free interactive tools and resources to help educate on GDPR and your business problems.

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GDPR Interview Series

Calligo’s GDPR Interview Series is a unique collection of interviews with expert commentators on GDPR. Our GDPR Global Lead, Sophie Chase-Borthwick, interviews experts on their views on GDPR’s motivations, its implications and how businesses are coping with preparing for the 25th May deadline.

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Making cloud strategy fit for 2018

Independent research into the crucial new considerations for 2018 that are being deliberately but dangerously side-lined in cloud strategy construction – and the impact it is having on businesses.

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The truth about GDPR compliance

Conducted on our behalf by a respected polling organisation, this research examines 500 companies’ views and concerns about GDPR, and tracks their progress with preparations. We have collated the data into this ebook.

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A free online test for GDPR readiness

MyGDPR is a free online app designed to give organisations a first contextual guideline of how GDPR could affect how they currently operate. Designed to be completed in less than two minutes, MyGDPR maps out how your organisation operates. MyGDPR provides a ten page report on areas that you need to be aware of based on your input.

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