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For your diary: Dispelling the Myths around GDPR

Thursday Oct 18th, 10:05, The Little Big Stage, Exhibit Hall, Level 2

Presented by Greg Dumas, VP and General Manager US, Calligo

Come and hear about the 10 Myths and Fairy Tales of GDPR that our Privacy Services Team has observed from their numerous engagements with GDPR clients, big and small.

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Download: Myths & Fairy Tales of GDPR

In case you can’t attend our event, download the 10 most dangerous GDPR misperceptions that are undermining US and Canadian organizations’ GDPR observance and strategies.

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Download: Tales from the GDPR Frontline

Our Data Privacy Services team has compiled a collection of real-life observations from GDPR client engagements that you can learn from to make your own GDPR adherence strategy as efficient, fast and thorough as possible.

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Take a look at our GDPR services

Find out more about how we can steer your organisation through one of the widest-reaching data privacy regulatory frameworks on the globe.

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