paul vane

Paul Vane

Deputy Information Commissioner, Jersey Office of the Information Commissioner

Paul has worked at JOIC for 15 years. As Deputy Commissioner he is responsible for providing strategic and policy advice to the public and private sectors on all matters of data protection and privacy.

He is responsible for promoting awareness of the law, its principles and the rights of controllers and processors as well as individuals and data subjects. An important part of his role is to ensure that the office is perceived to be helpful, supportive and informative, while enforcing the law where necessary. And, regularly gives presentations on specific areas of the law, for example the role of a data protection officer.

Paul has oversight of the office and the team, making sure that the office is appropriately resourced and effective. He answers questions from the team, businesses and individuals on a daily basis; identifying any concerns or gaps that need to be addressed.

He has developed the proposed new revenue model from scratch, working with industry representatives to get their feedback before releasing it for public consultation.

Paul regularly presents to different industry groups on data protection and freedom of information topics, or specific areas of the law, for example the role of a Data Protection Officer.

Paul has 25 years’ experience in the regulatory and law enforcement environment and has been Deputy Commissioner since 2004. Between January and August 2018 he was Acting Information Commissioner, during which time the GDPR came into effect. Paul acted as spokesperson for the JOIC at this time.

Previously, Paul worked at the Jersey Financial Services Commission as a Compliance, Policy and Legal Manager. This gave him experience in a similar regulatory environment where, among other things, he was responsible for ensuring that financial services businesses were compliant with Jersey’s financial services law.

Before that, Paul worked as an investigator for the States of Jersey Police, learning skills which he still uses today when investigating cases and putting together case files.

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