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How to build your data strategy and use cloud legitimately and safely in the context of data residency, privacy and tax in the Channel Islands.

Tuesday 3rd December 2019, Pomme d’Or, St Helier

The definitive guide to data strategy and cloud reliance in the Channel Islands

Join us at this breakfast briefing for the launch of unique research and long-awaited clarity into how to organise, locate and manage your data in the Channel Islands.

  • How data privacy and data sensitivity affect the suitability of the cloud
  • The final answer on whether using on-shore cloud platforms impacts corporate tax residency
  • The risks you need to be aware of, and the ways to mitigate them
  • Exclusive collection of insights from regulators, tax authorities, lawyers, academics and heads of IT
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The problem facing Channel Islands businesses

The Channel Islands is one of the most complex jurisdictions for data-reliant businesses.

Businesses in the region operate under an unusually large number of obligations and pressures, all of which seem to have material impact on Channel Islands businesses’ data strategies and how they operate.

  • GDPR
  • Corporate tax residency and economic substance requirements
  • TIEAs and the impacts of HMRC vs Barclays Bank and HMRC v Laerstate
  • Financial services regulations
  • Data residency and privacy, foreign governments’ data access capabilities, and how cases such as Microsoft vs Ireland affect provider selection

There are literally dozens of rumours of what Channel Islands businesses can and cannot do because of these various obligations – including whether cloud can be used, or whether certain approaches undermine tax residency. And Calligo has heard them all.

With so much ambiguity, how can any business be 100% certain of its data strategy, its protections, vulnerabilities and data privacy – or even the promises it makes to its clients? It seems impossible to unravel. Until now.

Long-awaited clarity

For the first time, a comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide to building your data strategy and using cloud technologies in the Channel Islands is being launched.

It considers every data obligation, and includes exclusive input from Channel Islands regulators and industry bodies, HMRC, national data privacy authorities and lawyers to provide definitive clarity on how to build a safe, secure and forward-thinking data strategy in the Channel Islands.

Join us on the 3rd December 2019 in St Helier for the launch of the data strategy guide, and to hear a live discussion of the insights from a panel of experts.

Data Insights

Who's Speaking?

Julian Box

Julian Box

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Keynote Speaker and Panellist

tony moretta

Tony Moretta

Chief Executive Officer
Digital Jersey

Panel Chair

paul vane

Paul Vane

Deputy Information Commissioner
Jersey Office of the Information Commissioner 


Stephen Ozanne

Stephen Ozanne

Senior Counsel


Iain Beckingham Intel

Iain Beckingham

Director, Cloud Service Providers, EMEA


Per Ljungstrom

EMEA Lead Architect for Cloud Technologies


Agenda - 3rd December 2019

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  • Registration and welcome breakfast


  • Conference welcome and opening


  • Keynote: How to build your data strategy for the Channel Islands


    Julian Box, Founder & CEO of Calligo, will present the findings of our unique independent research into the suitability of the cloud for the Channel Islands, debunk the myths preventing its adoption and provide guidance on how to build a data strategy that accomodates your every data obligation.

  • Panel discussion


    Chaired by Tony Moretta of Digital Jersey, experts from technology, regulation and risk will give their views on how the misperceptions have arisen, the impact they have had on Channel Islands businesses, and provide practical clarity on how to make positive changes.

  • Networking coffee


  • Close


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