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Online gambling is one of the fastest-growing industries and as a result, operators are faced with a number of significant challenges such as increasing volume and speed of transactions, margin pressure, customer retention, compliance and the rise of mobile gaming. Calligo’s cloud platform has been designed to meet these challenges.

Calligo are approved by the Alderney Gambling Commission (AGCC) and the Jersey Gambling Commission (JGC), allowing us to offer clients dual hosting capability within the Channel Islands, addressing the growing demand by customers seeking highest standards in data protection, data residency and privacy.

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End to end 256 bit encryption and total client separation with our
ISO 27001 certified service offerings.

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Performance Guarantees

A custom virtual datacentre designed to optimize performance and cost. Super fast performance with guarantees and resilience at its heart.

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A customised cloud designed with each client’s specific requirements.

Services for eGaming

Infrastructure Services

CloudCore is a leading Infrastructure as a Service offering designed for mid market businesses, ensuring the highest levels of performance and resilience. With globally located datacentres, it can be implemented in various configurations via a guaranteed or un-guaranteed resource model, pan location for increased resilience, whilst maintaining data privacy and protection.

GDPR Services

A service designed to steer organisations through the requirements of the GDPR to enable them to rapidly mobilise for compliance. It covers all three critical areas of people, process and technology, highlighting existing risks as well as providing a remedial plan and an ongoing strategy to remain compliant.

Backup as a Service

All organisations, companies and industries have different applications, regulations and requirements, particularly when it comes to the backup, retention, archiving and most importantly the recovery of data.

Disaster Recovery

For all organisations, data protection is of paramount importance. With CloudShield we offer our clients a level of disaster recovery, which is unrivalled within the midmarket space.

Hosting Services

With a highly resilient design, CloudWeb is able to provide hosting services to organisations of all sizes, including our VPS hosting which is perfect for business and e-commerce websites.

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Why Jersey?

Jersey is rapidly becoming the ‘jurisdiction of choice’ for remote gambling operators. The Island offers a robust yet flexible regulatory framework, competitive licence costs, an excellent economic environment with attractive business and personal tax benefits, world-class connectivity with low latency on a highly resilient IT infrastructure and of course, world-class professional support, available staff and an excellent quality of life.

Jersey really is a compelling location for establishing B2B and B2C eGaming operations or relocating an existing operation from another jurisdiction.

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Why Calligo?

IT investment and development is at the heart of eGaming companies current and future strategies to maintain and grow market share in a highly competitive industry. Dynamic industry growth combined with the natural peaks and troughs puts an enormous strain on IT systems, creating the problem of high and varying levels of demand for online services. This results in the need for secure cloud-based technologies to deliver private and hybrid clouds to support scale-up on demand, and cloud burst options.

Calligo are aware of the jurisdictional constraints placed on eGaming operators and understand the requirements for performance and no downtime. We analyse and collate metrics which enable us to quickly identify the ideal cloud infrastructure to suit your business.