How data privacy impacts your cloud choices

Data privacy legislation fundamentally changes how data can be transferred and stored internationally. But it also changes the duties and obligations of cloud service providers.

Find out what you should now be able to expect of your cloud service provider.

data privacy impact

Data privacy is the new uptime.

Uptime was the original battleground of the cloud industry – it is now the norm.

The new battlegrounds for cloud selection are now the more strategic considerations of where your data is held, under which jurisdiction and its confidentiality.

Cloud selection is now inextricably linked to data privacy and residency.

The difficulty for the CIO is in working out which provider has genuine pedigree in these areas, and who is staking a claim they do not have a right to.

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Some of the questions this paper answers:

How do I balance the use of cloud with the requirements of GDPR?
What is the impact of the CLOUD Act and other legislation on prudent cloud platform selection?
How do I navigate the variety of international, national and industry-specific data privacy legislation that apply to my business, and choose a cloud platform that satisfies them all?
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What guidance should I be able to expect from cloud service providers on data privacy?
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