Making cloud strategy fit for 2018

Independent research into the crucial new considerations for 2018 that are being deliberately but dangerously side-lined in cloud strategy construction – and the impact it is having on businesses.

Cloud strategy ebook

Cloud strategy is a topic that has been much-discussed ever since cloud computing became a recognised force in business. Yet for all this debate and forethought, the way in which cloud strategies are built still undermines their effectiveness, restraining the business’ wider progress. To discover why, we conducted independent research to discover who is responsible for cloud strategies in 2018, how they are conceived, where priorities lie and what considerations they deliberately relegate.

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  • 1 Who is typically responsible for cloud strategy, and the issues it causes.
  • 2 Why business objectives continue to be enormously overlooked in strategies’ construction.
  • 3 How data privacy and management – the undoubted theme for businesses in 2018 – is being openly and deliberately undermined by cloud strategy.
  • 4 How to restructure your cloud strategy to avoid wasted cost and risk of regulator scrutiny.

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