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Making the most of your business and IT resources

Cloud Computing is a technique for sharing computing resources and applications in a highly efficient manner, presenting resouces in an easily accessible fashion whilst allowing organisations to improve efficiency and realise more value from the infrastructure. This can be achieved irrespective of an infrastructure’s current implementation, geographic location, or physical packaging. It provides a logical rather than just a physical or virtual view of data, computing power, storage capacity, and other resources.

The technology underpinning Cloud Computing covers most areas of IT but more importantly business processes, encompassing strategic solutions from the data centre to the desktop and the fast moving mobile space. The benefits available to organisations which invest in a Cloud policy and strategy are diverse and far-reaching.

Cloud Computing addresses business challenges ranging from environmental responsibility to improved business efficiency, and offers a variety of benefits from cost savings to simplified management.

This guide will help you understand what Cloud Computing is, why it is important and the benefits it delivers both financially and operationally. It also covers the implications for businesses considering using Cloud Computing and what the future holds for this area of innovation.

Organisations now depend on their information systems more than ever and their business models are moving towards an on-demand environment where the ability to respond to market changes in a fast and effective manner can make a significant difference to profitability.

Cloud Computing represents an opportunity for organisations today to fundamentally change the way in which they operate their information systems. In essence it allows them to introduce a new layer of intelligence that exploits the full potential of the underlying resources to best suit the business requirements, and gives the organisation greater flexibility in adapting its business capabilities in response to market changes.

By Julian Box, Posted 1st January 2012.