Senior Team

Our mission is to support businesses with extracting maximum value from their data, while simultaneously observing all applicable data privacy legislation. To that end, we have assembled a leadership team of passionate and qualified individuals.

Julian Box

Julian Box

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Scott Barrett

Scott Barrett

Chief Commercial Officer

adam ryan icon

Adam Ryan

Chief Operations Officer

mike andreola

Mike Andreola

SVP of Sales (North America)

Jason petrucci

Jason Petrucci

SVP & Managing Director (EMEA & Asia)

jonathan william

Jonathan Williams

Chief Technology Officer

Sophie Chase-Borthwhick

Sophie Chase-Borthwick

Director of Data Ethics and Privacy

Mark Herridge

Mark Herridge

Chief Security Officer

Will Gardiner

Will Gardiner

Chief Marketing Officer

Donal Duff Icon

Donal Duff

Chief Finance Officer

Brendan Walsh

Brendan Walsh

Legal Counsel