About Us

There's no doubting the importance of data to modern businesses

But while the value and necessity of data has grown, so have the challenges. Collection, storage, analysis, insight delivery and cost are all high on the IT team’s agenda, but most taxing of all is guaranteeing the continuous observance of all applicable international, national and industry-specific data privacy obligations.

This is quite simply beyond most organizations. Confidence is low and skillsets are inadequate, leading many to ignore the problem – at great risk to themselves and their data subjects.

This is why Calligo offers a portfolio of data services that optimise every stage of the data journey, but that are also uniquely designed to be “privacy-first”. Calligo supports businesses in the optimization of their data, and their constant adherence to relevant international or industry-specific data protection legislation.

We are data optimization and privacy specialists.

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Calligo "Firsts"

Since 2012, we have been pioneers of a number of technologies, certifications and business models

  • First in the world to build our cloud offering on data privacy, including data residency guarantees
  • Senior team members are named inventors on 10 cloud computing patents
  • First ever 100% solid state cloud provider
  • First data escrow service provider
  • First and only cloud service provider to deploy Microsoft Azure Stack in Jersey and Guernsey
  • Manage the largest network of Microsoft Azure Stack deployments in Luxembourg
  • First cloud company to be certified under ISO 27001:2013
  • First pan-island cloud provider in the Channel Islands